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Discipleship in Santa Ana

December 23, 20231 min read

Clinica de Esperanza participates with God in His transformative work in Honduras by representing Jesus openly to everyone we come into contact with! But, we are also privileged to host frequent "seeker events" that help us get to know a wider range of people in our community and invite them to discipleship-based classes and Discovery Bible Studies. We work with local church leaders and committed christians to lead these Bible studies, completing a much-needed connection to the local church!

On December 11, we hosted a special dinner for local church leaders with a presentation about the work of the clinic and an invitation to learn more about "Discovery Bible Studies," a simple method for studying the Bible with spiritual seekers and mature Christians alike. Our hope is that more committed Christians in our community can how to study the Bible with others and invite God to do what He does best: change hearts!

Our first training took place at Agua Viva in Santa Ana on December 18th. Word got out and more people came to the training than came to the dinner. The training went so well that night that we expect more to show up to the next training on December 25th (the participants said they wanted to come even though it's on Christmas Day).

Please pray that our trainings continue to bear fruit and that the people of Honduras open the Bible and find faith!

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Byron Sommardahl

Byron has lived and worked in Honduras since 2010 and is a volunteer with Clinica de Esperanza.

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