A life saved

is a door opened.

6900 patients seen each year

Clinica de Esperanza participates in God's transformative work by providing high-quality healthcare services and discipleship to impoverished communities in central Honduras.


Seeking Healthcare, Finding Jesus

Clinica de Esperanza opens every weekday morning at 8:00 pm to a crowd of precious people seeking help with various health issues. The clinic's staff are caring and skilled to serve the people God entrusts to us.

The clinic facility appears, at first glance, to be just a humble adobe house with clay tile roof. But, the clinic actually houses a wide range of medical services in addition to general family practice, such as women's health, dentistry, Christian counseling and a fully equipped pharmacy.

Clinica de Esperanza has been in operation for more than 10 years and sees an average of 6900 patients each year! Each one is seen, heard, prayed-for and cared-for and experiences the love and kindness of Jesus Christ.


Spiritual Healing And Discipleship

God uses the staff at Clinica de Esperanza every day to show love and promote physical healing. But, as followers of Jesus, we understand that physical healing is only a taste of what God can do!

Clinica de Esperanza participates with God in His transformative work in Honduras by representing Jesus openly to everyone we come into contact with! But, we are also privileged to host frequent "seeker events" that help us get to know a wider range of people in our community and invite them to discipleship-based classes and Discovery Bible Studies. We work with local church leaders and committed christians to lead these Bible studies, completing a much-needed connection to the local church!

Many Ways to Get Involved

Healthcare Services


Family Practice

Clinica de Esperanza can handle nearly any non-emergency medical situation thanks to its staff of medical and support personnel including a full-time doctor and nurse.


Full-Service Pharmacy

Effective medications are the hardest to find and finance for our patients, but Clinica de Esperanza has a full-service pharmacy in the same building!


Dental Care

Thanks to generous donations, Clinica de Esperanza has a fully-equipped dental department where patients can receive routine and restorative dental care.


Chronic Illness Care

Many patients in our community suffer from ongoing, chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, Hashimoto's and others. Clinica de Esperanza provides education, monthly check-ins and medications for these life-threatening diseases.



While Clinica de Esperanza specializes in caring for the physical needs of its patients, it also provides Christian counseling services by appointment only.


Elder Care

Many elderly in our community must fend for themselves once their children leave for opportunities in other cities or countries. Clinica de Esperanza cares for several elderly patients with unique healthcare needs, in-clinic and in-home.

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