Who, Why, What and How?

All about Clinica de Esperanza

Clinica de Esperanza participates in God's transformative work by providing high-quality healthcare services and discipleship to impoverished communities in central Honduras.


God's Vision, Our Work

The clinic became a dream of founder Gayle Davidson while serving on short term mission trips with co-leader Tim Hines since 1999. During those short-term mission trips, Gayle ran many "village clinics" in the mountains of central Honduras. Gayle dream started with a vision of a more permanent outpost where God's love could be shared on a daily basis.

In 2017, with the help of the Board of Directors of Interamerican Restoration Corporation (IRC), Gayle was finally able to start Clinica de Esperanza in a 40-year-old adobe block house near the central plaza of Santa Ana, Francisco Morazan, Honduras. Now, present day, Clinica de Esperanza continues at the same location and has established a reputation in the community as a place where anyone can find healthcare and the love of Jesus.


Being the "Hands and Feet of Jesus"

Jesus spent a great deal of his ministry caring for the physical needs of people. His many examples of healing inspire us to continue in this ministry today and be the “hands and feet of Jesus," providing physical relief to any person with medical needs. This opens the door to meet people’s spiritual needs.

Having no access to medical care is a difficult problem. It is especially frustrating to mothers who are trying to raise multiple children with no means of support. The medical care, prescribed medications and treatments are free to all patients who cannot pay for health care. This enables the poor to work and care for their families.

Clinic Facts

  • Clinica de Esperanza was founded to meet people’s physical needs and open the door to their spiritual needs.

  • The clinic saw its first patients on August 15, 2007.

  • The longest known walk to the clinic was a mom with her child, she walked 8 hours to be standing at the gate when opened and many patients ride hours on a bus to come to the clinic.

  • The clinic has a full staff including Honduran MD, nurse, pharmacist, cleaning staff, triage tech, and groundskeeper.

  • Clinic budget is $9,500/month

Healthcare Services


Family Practice

Clinica de Esperanza can handle nearly any non-emergency medical situation thanks to its staff of medical and support personnel including a full-time doctor and nurse.


Full-Service Pharmacy

Effective medications are the hardest to find and finance for our patients, but Clinica de Esperanza has a full-service pharmacy in the same building!


Dental Care

Thanks to generous donations, Clinica de Esperanza has a fully-equipped dental department where patients can receive routine and restorative dental care.


Chronic Illness Care

Many patients in our community suffer from ongoing, chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, Hashimoto's and others. Clinica de Esperanza provides education, monthly check-ins and medications for these life-threatening diseases.



While Clinica de Esperanza specializes in caring for the physical needs of its patients, it also provides Christian counseling services by appointment only.


Elder Care

Many elderly in our community must fend for themselves once their children leave for opportunities in other cities or countries. Clinica de Esperanza cares for several elderly patients with unique healthcare needs, in-clinic and in-home.

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Clinica de Esperanza

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