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Doctor Jimmy donating medicines to Dr. Marjorie in Ojojona

Supporting satellite clinic in Ojojona

October 27, 20230 min read

Our clinic is the only place where patients can get most of the medications they need completely free of charge. With your donations it has also become possible to support our neighboring town in Ojojona, Most of them are farmers, laborers, or artisans who work hard to make a living, but often struggle to afford food, education, and other necessities. Many of them suffer from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.

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Gayle Davidson

Gayle Davidson, the founder of Clinica de Esperanza, has dedicated her life to making a positive impact on the world. Inspired by Jesus' example, Gayle's dream of establishing a medical clinic for those in need became a reality in 2007. Since then, Clinica de Esperanza has provided free medical care and medications to thousands of patients in Honduras. Gayle's unwavering commitment to serving others led her to permanently relocate to Honduras to oversee the clinic's operations. With a team of dedicated healthcare professionals, including a Honduran physician, pharmacist, and nurse, Gayle continues to ensure that those who cannot afford medical care receive the help they desperately need.

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